Dolphin DVR Recovery Pro. Business Version

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Dolphin DVR Pro. is the world’s unique powerful video recovery software containing four software modules: CCTV DVR recovery software, Digital Camera recovery software, video recorder recovery software and video repair software.

Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version includes one hardware USB dongle, users need to have it and use it together with the Dolphin  DVR/CCTV data recovery software on any pc with windows OS.

Dolphin DVR Recovery Pro. Business Version is the top professional CCTV DVR data recovery software which helps to access HDDs and Sd cards of CCTV, DVR, NVR, HVR, digital cameras, video recorders, etc and recover deleted videos efficiently.

Dolphin DVR Pro. Video Introduction Here

Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version adopts the world’s latest DVR/CCTV video recovery technologies, capture each fragmented video file, collects each video and audio frame, restructure the found fragmented video files automatically, and is able to recover deleted videos, recover formatted videos and recover lost videos due to video surveillance device initialization.

Features and Advantages of Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version

* Support 108 Video Surveillance Systems Brands, 47 digital camera systems and 65 video recorder system;
* Support video recovery from unknown/non-listed digital cameras and video recorders, that means users can try to recover any digital cameras and video recorders by Dolphin unique video recovery solution only if the videos are not overwritten;
* Support E01, DD Raw, IMG and other types of image files;
* Recover deleted videos, formatted videos and lost videos due to video surveillance devices;
* Faster software upgrade to add new Surveillance Systems for video recovery;
* Higher success rate of recovering and restructuring fragmented video files;
* Detailed report on the case;
* Easy channel and dates file directory display and recovery;
* Smart and new technology to recognize the video and audio frame;
* Easy video search by dates and time to find the videos to recover;
* Easy anti-interruption design during video recovery process.

Watch Dolphin DVR Videos click here

For most normal DVR/CCTV HDDs or SD cards, the capacity can be detected in the windows disk management but showing as not initialized. For few normal DVR/CCTV HDDs or SD cards, they use common file systems such as FAT32, EXT3, EXT4, etc, users can view the video files normally but in case of deleted videos, formatted videos or in case of data loss caused by video surveillance device or hdd initialization, common data recovery software or tools cannot get the lost videos back at all. Users can connect the original drives to PC directly and then use the Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version to recover the lost videos quickly;

For DVR/CCTV HDDs or SD cards with bad sectors or weak heads, users need to image the original drives first and then use the Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version to recover the lost videos from the image file or from the target HDD;

For DVR/CCTV HDDs or SD cards with firmware issue and they can be undetected, users need to fix the firmware issue first, image the original drives and then use the Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version to recover the lost videos from the image file or from the target HDD;

For DVR/CCTV HDDs or SD cards with physical damage, users need to fix the physical issue and get the drives ready and detected and image the original drives and finally use the Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version to recover the lost videos from the image file or from the target HDD.

About Software Upgrade

2 years’ free software upgrade, after 2 years, users can select to upgrade when new video surveillance systems are added and then it is USD200 each  year.

Please note: Software upgrade is one of our big advantages, if users get one video surveillance system which is not supported, users just need to image around the first 20GB and submit to Dolphin support team, this new DVR system will be added in a short time by Dolphin DVR R&D engineer.

———CCTV DVR NVR HVR Data Recovery Systems——–

[1] Hikvision(0X01) DVR System
[2] Hikvision(Brainaire) DVR System
[3] Dahua(0x01) DVR System
[4] Dahua(0x02) DVR System
[5] Dahua(CQFS) DVR System
[6] WFS(0x01) DVR System
[7] Tianmin DVR System
[8] WFS(0x02) DVR System
[9] FocusVision DVR System
[10] WFSEXT DVR System

Read complete support list of CCTV DVR video systems here

———Digital Camera Recovery System——

[0] Unknown Digital Camera System
[1] Sony Camera System
[2] Canon Camera System
[3] Dji Camera System
[4] Songdian Camera System
[5] Nikon Camera System
[6] Panasonic Camera System
[7] Fujifilm Camera System
[8] Gopro Camera System
[9] Insta360 Camera System
[10] Komery Camera System

Read complete support list of Digital Cameras video systems here

——-Video Recorder Recovery System——

[0] Unknown Recorders System
[1] 360 Recorder System
[2] Papago Recorder System
[3] BlackView Recorder System
[4] DDPAI Recorder System
[5] HP Recorder System
[6] JADO Recorder System
[7] XiaoMi Recorder System
[8] Lenovo Recorder System
[9] 70mai Recorder System
[10] PHILIPS Recorder System

Read complete support list of Video Recorder video systems here

Dolphin DVR Recovery Pro. Business Version

35 reviews for Dolphin DVR Recovery Pro. Business Version

  1. Luiz Britz

    Dolphin DVR tool is the best we have ever tried, it gets a quicker access to the patient dvr HDDs and sd cards, the most important, the deleted videos are found properly.

  2. Alex

    I want it do you have trail version?

  3. Adhoc


    A customer of ours requested us to provide him with a quote for Dolphin DVR Pro license.
    Would you please provide us with a reseller price quote for this license.

    Best regards,


      Hello Sir, reseller price is not possible for one single license, our sales manager had emailed details on how to become our reseller, pls. check your email, thank you.

  4. abdulrehman

    Hello and how are you? Hope you are well.
    Actually i was searching for DVR HDD Recovery service and i got the site where this email address was mentioned.
    I have a DVR HDD and i want to recover that which i will be needing just the last days of July’s month data and we removed the hard disk from system in October’s starting days.. is it possible, that the July data will be recovered ?
    I will be waiting for your positive response.

    Thank you.


      What’s the capacity of your DVR hdd? It has been over 3 months and your DVR hdd might be fully overwritten and for all overwritten videos, it is not possible to get lost data back. Maybe you can find some small fragmented video files. If you just want to have a try, you can try Dolphin DVR trial software here: and you will find out if your july data can be found or not. This is free for you to try.

  5. John P

    please send me your reseller program, thank you


      Thank you John for your comment, you’d better use the Dolphin DVR data recovery software first and then resell it. Our sales manager has replied to you by email.

  6. Sooktiwakorn

    Hi I’m Sooktiwakorn contact from Thailand. We have resold digital forensic tools to government in Thailand. Now we need more powerful DVR Recovery tools. Previously a customer used the Magnet DVR Examiner. Now we need extra dvr recovery software. Please share your Dolphin DVR tool specifications and free quote, thank you.


      Hello friend, thank you very much for your email, the biggest advantage over other DVR data recovery tools is the all-in-one design of Dolphin DVR: cctv dvr recovery module, digital camera recovery module, video recorder recovery module and video repair module, each module supports the most common and latest brands with best technique support and powerful free video player.


    i purchased dolphin dvr one week version and i got the usb dongle.please tell me the process how can i get activate the software

  8. gaid soufyane

    je voudrais acheter ce produit …
    dolphin dvr one week ..comment faire.


      Bonjour mon ami, vous pouvez commander la version d’une semaine de Dolphin DVR ici :, ce logiciel dispose d’un dongle matériel USB, après l’avoir acheté , nous vous enverrons le dongle USB par DHL express et plus tard, vous pourrez mettre à niveau la version d’une semaine vers la version illimitée à tout moment.

  9. Barath

    Dear Dolphin team,
    Let us know if you have a software or a hardware kit that can image / clone and recover data from UNV NVR HDD. If yes, we will discuss more
    With Best Regards
    Barath Iyer
    SourceData Consulting


      Hello friend, you can use Dolphin DVR trial version to detect your nvr HDD and scan the videos and see if it is possible to recover your wanted videos. Here is the download center:

  10. Jeff Anttila


    I’m reviewing instructions on obtaining a licensed copy. It looks like I export an instance file and email this file to sales representative. In turn, they email back a license key file that enables the software features. This license appears to also require a USB Dongle.

    My questions are about acquiring a compatible USB dongle.

    Is the required dongle a “standard” type I can acquire easily in the US from (Amazon) such as PACE iLOK3? If it is a common brand of dongle, what other specifications do I need (such as manufacturer/brand, revision, firmware, etc.) for compatibility?

    If I order a dongle from you, what is the cost and typical shipping time to the US for the dongle to arrive? Will the license be pre-loaded? Does the license begin day of first-run on my system or day it ships?

    Sorry for all the questions, but my experience with dongle-based software authorization has often required additional support. I’d want to setup a dedicated system just for this tool, now that it appears a dongle (and dongle software) is required.

    Thank you.


      Hello Jeff, our sales manager has replied to you by email, we will ship our unique usb hardware dongle to you by DHL express, it takes 3 or 4 working days to US.

  11. Jim

    Hello Dolphin DataLab,

    After a long break, we recently tried using Dolphin DVR Pro Business V3.68,
    but got error H0041 (screenshot attached as png file in zip archive).
    Can you tell mean what it means?

    Maybe I need an upgrade to my USB dongle. Pls reply asap.



      Hello friend, already emailed you the activation file to use the software normally. Pls check your email.

  12. Andy

    Hi, I am interested in the Dolphin DVR software but just wanted to check if it’s digital download. I get to the cart but it asks for shipping. Wanted to get the software asap.


      Hello Andy, the software needs one USB hardware dongle to work together. Will ship by DHL express.

  13. Charlie Guillaume

    Hello, I would like to use your services to try to restore the data on one of my camera memory cards (Blackmagic) but my budget is only up to 100 dollars, so I can’t afford the weekly or unlimited version, can we work something out?


      Hello friend, maybe we can recommend one of Dolphin users in your country to recover your data at good price.

  14. Bui Viet Nam

    Hi Clonix team,
    I am come from Vietnam.
    I am finding the digital forensic software for recovering video data directly from the media storage like a disk, memory card and damaged video file from CCTV, Camera … (similar MD-VIDEO of GMDSOFT). I am interesting in the Dolphin DVR Recovery Pro. Business Version.
    So please consult and send me the technical document, quote for this products (3 year license)
    Thanks and best regards,
    Việt Nam.


      Hello Sir, thank you for your interest in Dolphin DVR recovery software, pls check your email for detailed reply.

  15. Ajmal

    I need to recover data from a Seagate Barracuda 500-GB Hard Disk, which was installed in a Dahua DVR and had over-written repeatedly. Is it possible to recover data for as long as last 01 year ?


      Hello Friend, the overwritten data cannot be recovered, but for some videos, they are partially overwritten, the videos can be recovered partially.


    Hello dear. I am Dolphin DVR recovery user. I am Mongolia. I can’t recovery 2 hdd have Dahua DVR CCTV. How to recovery 2 hdd insided NVR CCTV?

  17. Carlos

    Hello, I am using your software on a 8TB HDD from DAHUA CCTV. I cannot preview the files because is taking too long to parse (+24h). Do you know maybe how long it takes to finish parsing?
    I am using the trial version and if the preview works I will buy the pro version. Thanks

  18. alexis

    Buenos dias que tal quisiera saber el costo del software Dolphin DVR Recovery para recuperar archivos de grabaciones de dvr, y quisiera saber mas informacion sobre el software.


  19. nambv

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are a System Integration Company from Vietnam.

    We are finding the digital forensic software for recovering video data directly from the media storage like a disk, memory card and damaged video file from CCTV, Camera … and we are interested in Dolphin DVR Recovery Pro. Business Version you advertised in your website. Please send us the technical datasheet, the quotation and state your payment conditions.

    We would be grateful for an early reply.

  20. Melvin

    Hello!!! How are You?

    I’m trying to download the trial version of the dvr software but the link isn’t working.

    How can I get the demo to see if the software can Recover the data before I pay for the one week versión?


  21. JUNIOR



      Es posible recuperar los videos perdidos de tus cámaras de seguridad, puedes usar la versión de prueba para escanear tus videos perdidos y ver el resultado, si el resultado es positivo, puedes comprar la versión comercial: Los usuarios pueden descargar el software de prueba más reciente aquí:

  22. Сошников Юрий


    May I buy one case recovery for my hdd from dvr?
    I don’t have data recovery business, but I have one HDD from DVR.
    The trial version recognized the code.

    Yuriy Soshnikov

  23. Dharmesh Yadav

    Hello sir, my dvr harddisk was overwritten, so I will request to recover my data so plz contact me sir

  24. Fran Halpin

    Hi can you recover CCTV from a hik vision DVR recorder. It was accidentally deleted on its last day of recording.
    I am based in Dublin, Ireland.

    Thank you

  25. Alessandro

    for our client Arma dei Carabinieri – RIS Di Parma, we would need a
    quotation for a Dolphin DVR Pro license. Business Version. We would
    also need to know if we can pay by bank transfer and if you make a
    sales invoice?

  26. mahbub


    I’m interested in a week ver of dolphin dvr Pro software. can you send me the one-week code? do i have to receive the shipping?

    I just need to recover a file in it!

    looking forward to hearing from you soon

    kind regards

  27. Nizamuddine Muslih

    Hello Dear Respected Sir / Madam

    I hope my email meets you with good health!
    I want to buy CCTV DVR NVR XVR HVR Data/ All Data Recovery Software, So I would like to know further about the Software
    Is the Licence life-time ?
    Can I recover old Data from years Around 4 to 5 years Data or ago ?
    Can I recover 8,16,32 and 160 … Channel DVR NVR XVR HVR All Captured Videos from All Camera That Losted or Formated or may over-writted ?
    Can I recover any kind or any company DVR,NVR,XVR,HVR … Data from the formatted Hard disk or Hard-Drive ?

    Thanks and Regards,
    Nizamuddine Muslih

  28. Roberto Deias

    We need a quote for this product:
    Dolphin DVR Pro. Business
    The end user is an italian customer.

  29. ECHKL

    Dear Sir,
    Please quote the price & delivery time as the following item:
    1 PCS Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version

  30. recoveryhelp


    I was victim to a violenthome invasion earlier this year and held at gunpoint for a week in my apartment, there was some really valuable videos I needed for court on my dvr and I had unplugged it not thinking it would still auto delete as per the schedule.. Anyways I literally just need to recover one or two video recordings so I can provide it to the courts. Is there any way at all possible I could have like a 1 day business free trial just to get those clips off… Im not going to need to use it other then maybe a hour one time

    Please consider my request. It would really help me remain safe for longer
    Thank you


      As for your case, the best is to use our free trial version here- on your dvr hdd and see if you can recover your wanted deleted videos, pls use the deep scan to scan the deleted videos. Thank you.

  31. EDR

    we need a quotation for Dolphin DVR Recovery Pro, we’d like to integrate it on a workstation to be resold to Egyptian Law enforcement, we plan to introduce our new workstation in arabic speaking countries, USA and LATAM, our idea was to include your software as well.
    Please let me know if we can have a reseller price, payment methods and delivery times.
    thank you
    best regards

  32. Adam

    Hi… I have new order for Dolphin DVR Pro, please send me the Invoice for reseller price


  33. Udo Martinez

    Please. I need your help for getting a free download of the “Dolphin DVR Pro”, because I need to be sure that with this program I can recover deleted videos contained in the hard drive of DVR Dahua Model DH-XVR1 before I buy it.

  34. Jimmy

    Hi Dolphin team,
    I bought “Dolphin DVR Pro. One-Week Version” today, but I don’t know how to activate it, currently I have a very urgent case in hand that needs this software to recover.
    Please reply me as soon as possible if you can, thank you very much for your help!


      Hello friend, the engineer has activated the software for you for the said period, thank you.

  35. sacommonuse

    Dear sir/madam,

    Our company have purchased Dolphin DVR Pro Business tool.
    After plugin the USB dongle, we cannot process the DVR recover task.

    After some study, we notice the USB dongle need to conduct “upgrade” before it use.
    Dolphin DVR USB Hardware Dongle Upgrade Tool

    Attach with the c2v file. Please help to create the license file for us.
    By the way, i would like to know how the license file binding.

    Since we would like to use the tool in another computer later. Do i need to do the same activation process for another computer ?

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,


      Hello friend, your Dolphin dvr has been activated. We believe you have fixed a lot of cases with Dolphin DVR.

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