Dolphin DVR Recovery Pro. Business Version


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Dolphin DVR Recovery Pro. Business Version is the top professional CCTV DVR data recovery software which helps to access HDDs and Sd cards of CCTV, DVR, NVR, HVR, digital cameras, video recorders, etc and recover deleted videos efficiently.

Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version adopts the world’s latest DVR/CCTV video recovery technologies, capture each fragmented video file, collects each video and audio frame, restructure the found fragmented video files automatically, and is able to recover deleted videos, recover formatted videos and recover lost videos due to video surveillance device initialization.


Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version includes one hardware USB dongle, users can simply use it with the Dolphin  DVR/CCTV data recovery software on any pc with windows OS.

Features and Advantages of Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version

* Support 87 Video Surveillance Systems Brands, 20 UAV/digital camera systems and 12 car driving recorder system;
* Support E01, DD Raw, IMG and other types of image files;
* Recover deleted videos, formatted videos and lost videos due to video surveillance devices;
* Faster software upgrade to add new Surveillance Systems for video recovery;
* Higher success rate of recovering and restructuring fragmented video files;
* Detailed report on the case;
* Easy channel and dates file directory display and recovery;
* Smart and new technology to recognize the video and audio frame;
* Easy video search by dates and time to find the videos to recover;
* Easy anti-interruption design during video recovery process.

For most normal DVR/CCTV HDDs or SD cards, the capacity can be detected in the windows disk management but showing as not initialized. For few normal DVR/CCTV HDDs or SD cards, they use common file systems such as FAT32, EXT3, EXT4, etc, users can view the video files normally but in case of deleted videos, formatted videos or in case of data loss caused by video surveillance device or hdd initialization, common data recovery software or tools cannot get the lost videos back at all. Users can connect the original drives to PC directly and then use the Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version to recover the lost videos quickly;

For DVR/CCTV HDDs or SD cards with bad sectors or weak heads, users need to image the original drives first and then use the Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version to recover the lost videos from the image file or from the target HDD;

For DVR/CCTV HDDs or SD cards with firmware issue and they can be undetected, users need to fix the firmware issue first, image the original drives and then use the Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version to recover the lost videos from the image file or from the target HDD;

For DVR/CCTV HDDs or SD cards with physical damage, users need to fix the physical issue and get the drives ready and detected and image the original drives and finally use the Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version to recover the lost videos from the image file or from the target HDD.

About Software Upgrade

2 years’ free software upgrade, after 2 years, users can select to upgrade when new video surveillance systems are added and then it is USD200 each  year.

Please note: Software upgrade is one of our big advantages, if users get one video surveillance system which is not supported, users just need to  image around the first 20GB and submit to Dolphin support team, this new DVR system will be added in a short time by Dolphin DVR R&D engineer.

CCTV DVR NVR HVR Data Recovery Systems

[1] Hikvision(0X01) DVR System
[2] Hikvision(Brainaire) DVR System
[3] Dahua(0x01) DVR System
[4] Dahua(0x02) DVR System
[5] Dahua(CQFS) DVR System
[6] WFS(0x01) DVR System
[7] Tianmin DVR System
[8] WFS(0x02) DVR System
[9] FocusVision DVR System
[10] WFSEXT DVR System
[11] Jovision(0x01) DVR System
[12] Jovision(0x02) DVR System
[13] Uniview(0x11) DVR System
[14] Uniview(0x1C) DVR System
[15] HANBANGGAOKE(0X01) DVR System
[16] HANBANGGAOKE(0X02) DVR System
[17] HuaYi DVR System
[18] WAPA DVR System
[19] ZhiLing DVR System
[20] AEBELL DVR System
[21] LECHANGE DVR System
[22] TP-LINK DVR System
[23] JOOAN DVR System
[24] Nvr1 DVR System
[25] Tiandy DVR System
[26] Samsung(0x01) DVR System
[27] Samsung(0x02) DVR System
[28] Samsung(0x03) DVR System
[29] YingShiTong DVR System
[30] JiuAn DVR System
[31] Jinlifang DVR System
[32] NBDNEJ DVR System
[33] Tongwei DVR System
[34] NDC(IRAN) DVR System
[35] RSFS(IRAN) DVR System
[36] Driver(UK) DVR System
[37] QVFS(IRAN) DVR System
[38] Tamron DVR System
[39] KTSY(IRAN) DVR System
[40] UISITE DVR System
[41] Driver(0x02) DVR System
[42] SXCCTV DVR System
[43] SmartAliYun NVR System
[44] Wbox(India) NVR System
[45] ZhongShiAnFang DVR System
[46] KEDACOM DVR System
[48] SUPCON DVR System
[49] DiAnShi DVR System
[50] Topsee DVR System
[51] YuShiTong DVR System
[52] WEITDY DVR System
[53] ONSEE DVR System
[54] QuanRui DVR System
[55] Ezviz DVR System
[56] ORVIBO DVR System
[57] XiaoMi DVR System
[58] HuaWei DVR System
[59] D-LINK DVR System
[60] Sony DVR System
[61] Panasonic DVR System
[62] Lenovo DVR System
[63] DTVS DVR System
[64] WSDA DVR System
[65] Cloudsee DVR System
[66] FENG DVR System
[67] YESTV DVR System
[68] VSTARCAM DVR System
[69] YiShiAn DVR System
[70] QiDun DVR System
[71] HuaChuangShiDai DVR System
[72] QiFang DVR System
[73] JingKe DVR System
[74] ShenZhouWeiShi DVR System
[75] HuaShi DVR System
[76] JunMinShi DVR System
[77] XinAnShi DVR System
[78] FengChi DVR System
[79] NKED DVR System
[80] MeiDiShiXun DVR System
[81] Langms DVR System
[82] HaiRuiShiXun DVR System
[83] Yingshi DVR System
[84] Haishitai DVR System
[85] Shiyou DVR System
[86] HongWeiShiJie NVR System
[87] HanLinWeiShi DVR System

Digital Camera Recovery System

[88] Sony Camera System
[89] Canon Camera System
[90] Dji Camera System
[91] Songdian Camera System
[92] Nikon Camera System
[93] Panasonic Camera System
[94] Fujifilm Camera System
[95] Gopro Camera System
[96] Insta360 Camera System
[97] Komery Camera System
[98] Leica Camera System
[99] Olympus Camera System
[100] Vecnos Camera System
[101] Ricoh Camera System
[102] Xinbai Camera System
[103] Sigma Camera System
[104] Hasselblad Camera System
[105] Brinno Camera System
[106] MTS Camera System
[107] AVI Camera System

Car Driving Recorder Recovery System

[108] 360 Driving Recorder System
[109] Papago Driving Recorder System
[110] BlackView Driving Recorder System
[111] DDPAI Driving Recorder System
[112] HP Driving Recorder System
[113] JADO Driving Recorder System
[114] XiaoMi Driving Recorder System
[115] Lenovo Driving Recorder System
[116] 70mai Driving Recorder System
[117] PHILIPS Driving Recorder System
[118] MTS Driving Recorder System
[119] AVI Driving Recorder System

1 review for Dolphin DVR Recovery Pro. Business Version

  1. Luiz Britz

    Dolphin DVR tool is the best we have ever tried, it gets a quicker access to the patient dvr HDDs and sd cards, the most important, the deleted videos are found properly.

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