Dolphin DVR New Data Recovery Software Upgrade V3.83

Dolphin DVR V3.8.3, new CCTV, NVR, DVR, HVR, Digital Camera, Video recorders data recovery software is available for Dolphin users worldwide. Software upgrade date: 2024-05-31 The following are the new features of Dolphin DVR V3.83: Raw scan video recovery for unknown DVR is added; Partition starting address auto detection is added, this one is very […]

How to Set up New Dolphin CCTV DVR Data Recovery Task

To recover lost videos from CCTV DVR hdd or sd devices or image files, users need to set up one new task to start the video data recovery. Dolphin DVR offers very good options for users to set up one video recovery project: 01: Read-only/enable write-blocking as default setting; 02: Device name to check which […]

Dolphin DVR V3.78 New Software Upgrade

Dolphin Data Lab has upgraded the latest CCTV DVR data recovery software to version 3.78. The following are new features of the latest Dolphin DVR V3.78. H.263 video codec support is added(H.264 and H.265 are supported in previous versions ); Newly added digital camera video recovery support for video fragmented files scan and restructuring: Canon […]

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