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The best video data recovery tool for CCTV, DVR, NVR, HVR, Digital Cameras, video recorders, video repair, etc.

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Hikvision DVR

Are you interested in trying Dolphin best CCTV DVR data recovery tools for Hikvision DVR?



Recover deleted lost videos more efficiently from SONY DVR by Dolphin DVR Pro


Samsung DVR

Dolphin team offers the best video data recovery solution for Samsung DVR by Dolphin DVR Pro.

// About Us

Over 87 International DVR Brands

Supported by Dolphin DVR

More and more CCTV DVR systems worldwide are added to Dolphin DVR support list. A simple sample image file or remote access will help Dolphin DVR to support new DVRs

Our Mission

Skilled professionals are always ready to provide reliable data recovery solutions to our clients!

Our Vision

Dolphin resellers worldwide offers the best sales and support services to the local clients.

//DVR Applications

Using Dolphin DVR

CCTV DVR video surveillance security systems are widely used in many industries. Access to these CCTV DVR hard drives or SD cards to view and transfer videos or recovering deleted/formated videos are very common cases.

CCTV Video Access

Users can easily access to CCTV video surveillance systems, HDDs, SD cards and recover deleted videos.

DVR Security Systems

Access and recover lost/deleted videos from different DVR security systems worldwide.

// Video Analysis

Dolphin DVR Unique Video Analysis Algorithms

Fast Analysis

This video analysis mode is mainly used to analyze the DVR file system and it is mainly for normal video files

Deep Analysis

For deleted videos or if the CCTV DVR devices suffer accidental format or initialization, select this analysis

Custom Analysis

The custom analysis is mainly for some special CCTV DVR data recovery cases requiring manual parameters filling

“Pray! And Listen To God! You Can This Alone, But Take Dolphin DVR To Do It With You”

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