Case Studies

How to Recover Deleted DVR CCTV Videos

How to Recover Deleted CCTV/DVR Footage? How to Recover Deleted Videos from DVR Hard Drive? How to recover deleted DVR CCTV recordings? Many new data recovery engineer may think it is very easy to recover deleted videos from HDDs or SD cards within the DVR/NVR/HVR/CCTV devices. Users may simply download some data recovery software to […]

How to Fix Error This Video File Cannot Be Played

‘This Video File Cannot Be Played’ is one common case for many pc users or data recovery engineers. 1, The most possible reason is that the CCTV DVR video players the users use don’t support the CCTV DVR videos properly. Most video players available on the internet claim they can be used for DVR DVR […]

How to Get the Best CCTV DVR Data Recovery Success Rate

To get the best CCTV DVR data recovery success rate, users need to understand properly several simple questions and they are: what are the CCTV DVR hdd brands and file system? What are the CCTV DVR HDD or SD cards failures? What are the CCTV DVR data recovery software the users are using? Who are […]

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