How to Recover Overwritten DVR CCTV Videos

How to recover an overwritten video?
Can overwritten CCTV DVR footage be retrieved?
How to recover deleted video from my DVR?

Many new DVR users are asking if it is possible to recover the overwritten DVR recordings?

As for DVR, NVR, HVR or CCTV videos, if they are overwritten, there’re two types of cases:

Case 1: The surveillance videos are fully overwritten.
As for case 1, it is not possible to recover the fully overwritten DVR/CCTV videos. All videos users can access are the new videos instead of the overwritten old videos;

Case 2: The surveillance videos are partially overwritten
As for case 2, this one is very possible. There can be many fragmented video files. Each complete DVR video may contain multiple fragmented video files and the DVR data recovery software must access, collect, analyze and then restructure these fragmented video files into one complete video so that the video can be played smoothly and completely. Otherwise, users may not play the videos at all or users can only play part of the videos or the videos are full of blurred screens.

Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version is very good at recovering lost DVR CCTV videos from different surveillance systems. Even if some of the fragmented video files are overwritten, Dolphin DVR Pro. is able to recover the non-overwritten videos and play the recovered videos smoothly.

Users can learn more about Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version here or users can email to to get the Dolphin DVR data recovery software trial version.

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How to Recover Overwritten DVR CCTV Videos

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