Dolphin DVR Pro. New Software Upgrade V3.26 is Available

Dolphin Data Lab has again upgraded the Dolphin DVR Pro. to latest version 3.26. This latest version is upgraded and completed with the help and support from one Dolphin user from South Korea.

1, Mercedes Benz Black Box EDR is added to support;
2, Caps CCTV Monitoring system has been added;

Both above are from the South Korea user, the user contacted Dolphin engineer and told us these two couldn’t be recovered and applied for remote support by teamviewer, Dolphin engineer analyzed the two cases and took part of the image file for further analysis. Within two working days, both two new video systems are added to suppport.

3, UAV-DJI_PACKET is added to support.

All data recovery engineers can go to Dolphin DVR download center to test this latest CCTV DVR data recovery software for free.

Any question is welcome to or add Dolphin Skype ID:

Dolphin DVR Pro. New Software Upgrade V3.26 is Available

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