How to Recover Lost Videos from Canon Digital Cameras

How to Recover Deleted Videos from Canon Camera?
How do I get back a deleted video recording?
How to recover Canon videos?
How can deleted footage be retrieved from a Canon camera?

When users lose their videos in their Canon digital cameras due to accidental format, deletion, how to perfectly recover them?
The following is one video introducing the detailed steps on how to use Dolphin DVR Pro. to get lost videos back from Canon Digital cameras.

The users just need to image the SD card within the Canon Digital Cameras or connect the SD card to the computer.

Next users need to select the partition, select the canon digital camera brand, select the video analysis mode, set up the video recovery task with necessary analysis settings, for digital camera video recovery, ‘Deep Analysis’ is recommended.

After the video scanning completes, users can read the results in the log window, can find all the available dates and videos, users are able to selected the wanted dates and videos, right click to recover the videos.

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How to Recover Lost Videos from Canon Digital Cameras

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