How to Recover Lost Videos from Unknown Digital Cameras

It’s possible to recover deleted lost videos from any cameras or unknown cameras with Dolphin DVR Pro.

In many cases, data recovery engineers may not know the digital camera brand or the label is false and is not the true brand, this will cause video recovery failure.

Each digital camera may use different algorithms to store the videos but most common data recovery software use only one standard algorithm to recover lost videos but this is quite wrong for good success rate. Dolphin DVR Pro. has integrated many different data recovery solutions and make them auto running for collecting fragmented video files, restructure all video files and then extract the videos in a correct way and finally all recovered videos will be good and played properly.

The more fragmented video files are there, the more difficult the video recovery cases will be! Most big videos have many fragmented video files and many common software cannot recover them properly at all.

When the digital camera brand is not known, the case becomes more difficult, for the best success rate, users need to use Dolphin DVR Pro, use the fast analysis to get some sample videos ro get the same videos from the same camera as sample videos, and then use Dolphin Deep Analysis to add sample video files to start auto video recovery. This way, the program will extract all the lost deleted videos from the digital camera perfectly.

Users can watch the steps on how to recover deleted videos from unknown cameras here.


How to Recover Lost Videos from Unknown Digital Cameras

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