One Video Recovery Tool Recommended for All Video Recorders

Within Dolphin DVR Pro. Business Version, users can find Video Recorders Recovery software module. With this module, users can recover lost videos from all video recorders such as car driving video recorder, law enforcement video recorders, UAV videos, police body-worn cameras, etc.

With Dolphin DVR Pro., users can recover lost videos from both known video recorders listed within the software and unknown video recorders not listed.

To recover videos from known video recorders, users just need to select the partition of the video devices or image file, and then select the video recorder brand and then click deep analysis to recover all videos, users can select video coding type: H264 or H265, can select which videos to recover, can set online checksum to ensure data integrity, can generate log report by data read-only mode.

To recover videos from unknown video recorders, users need to select the video device partition, select unknown video recorders and then use fast analysis to get sample video files or use the original video recorders to create several new videos to use as sample videos files, and then select deep analysis to add sample video files to continue for full video recovery from the unknown video recorder.

For any failed cases, users can contact Dolphin engineers to get remote support, remote support is free for the first two years. Dolphin engineers can help users to fix the cases online.

Users can watch the video introduction for this world’s unique all-in-one video recorder data recovery software.

Any question is welcome to or add Dolphin Skype ID:

One Video Recovery Tool Recommended for All Video Recorders

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