Searching for DVR HDD Recovery Software

This is one new client from Pakistan who wishes to buy Dolphin DVR Pro.

“Hello and how are you? Hope you are well.

Actually I was searching for DVR HDD Recovery service and I got the site where this email address was mentioned.

I have a DVR HDD and I want to recover that which I will be needing just the last days of July’s month data and we removed the hard disk from system in October’s starting days. Is it possible, that the July data will be recovered ?

I will be waiting for your positive response.

Thank you.”

>As for above question from client, this depends on the capacity of the DVR hdd and if the dvr hdd is all the time used during the requested date.
Usually for almost three months, the old video files are already overwritten. For all overwritten video files, they cannot be recovered.

The only possible are some small video clips which might be not totally overwritten and possible to be recovered.

Searching for DVR HDD Recovery Software

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