3GP Corrupted Video Repair Steps by Dolphin DVR

How to repair corrupted 3GP video files by Dolphin DVR?

Step 1: Download latest Dolphin DVR data recovery software, install and activate it;
Step 2: Open the Video repair software module;
Step 3: Click File Repair Menu>Click 3GP Repair
Step 4: Select the path to store the repaired 3GP videos;
Step 5: Click on the left to add corrupted 3GP videos, click on the right to add Sample 3GP videos;
Step 6: Click ‘OK’ and the video repair software will repair the corrupted 3GP videos automatically at high success rate(the more sample videos are there, the higher success rate the repair will be);

* Please note: Video repair module is just one of the four software modules included within Dolphin all-in-one video recovery software.

3GP Corrupted Video Repair Steps by Dolphin DVR

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