Caps CCTV Added to Support in Dolphin DVR for Korean Users

More and more data recovery engineers and digital forensic investigators are using Dolphin DVR to get the lost videos and evidences from different brands of CCTV, DVR, NVR, HVR, digital cameras, video recorders, etc. If users get some corrupted videos, users can also use Dolphin video repair software to repair the damaged videos: 3GP, MOV, MP4, H264 and H265 videos.

Whenever users get new CCTV DVR cases which are not supported in the current software version, users just simply report that unsupported case to Dolphin engineers, allow Dolphin engineers to check the case remotely or send 5G around of the patient dvr drive image file to Dolphin engineers for analysis. Within two days around, Dolphin engineers can add the unsupported brand to support list and users get new software to get lost videos back.

The Caps CCTV was another new brand added to support in Dolphin DVR for one Korean user who told us it is popular CCTV brand in Korea and Dolphin engineer finished the software upgrade within just one working day.

Users can watch the videos here on how to use Dolphin DVR to recover lost videos.

Caps CCTV Added to Support in Dolphin DVR for Korean Users

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