World’s Unique Multi-Level CCTV DVR Auto Detection Tech

In the recent released Dolphin CCTV DVR Recovery Pro. Business Version 2.17, Dolphin team have released one new helpful CCTV DVR data recovery tech. to increase users’ success rate on some special CCTV DVR data recovery cases with multiple DVR systems.

The new Tech. is called Multi-Level CCTV DVR Auto Detection and there’re totally 5 levels of CCTV DVR system detection by analyzing the video and audio streams and file system structures: Level I, II, III, IV, V.

After users select the original CCTV DVR drive or SD card, users can select ‘Fast Analysis’ or ‘Deep Analysis’ and then the program will automatically detect the existing DVR systems on the drive and list them by different levels and the program will select the top level listed DVR system to continue the analysis.

If users need the videos from different DVR systems from the same DVR drive or SD card, users can devide the job into different sections and get the DVR videos accordingly.

More and more users are now using the Dolphin CCTV DVR Recovery Pro.Business version for a higher success rate and Dolphin team will keep adding new DVR systems to support.

When users get new DVR systems which are not currently supported, please don’t worry, users just need to arrange one remote support or send us some partial image of the DVR drive or sd card, our DVR experts can analyze and add to support in a short time.

Any question is welcome to or add Dolphin Skype ID:

World’s Unique Multi-Level CCTV DVR Auto Detection Tech

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