Dolphin CCTV DVR Data Recovery Software V3.0 Software Upgrade

Dolphin team have been upgrading the Dolphin CCTV/DVR data recovery software quickly all the time and now Dolphin team is releasing this latest software version 3.0 with many new CCTV/DVR data recovery features, new UAV data recovery system, new digital camera recovery system, new car driving recording system, etc.

The following are new CCTV and DVR data recovery solutions added:

1, Samsung CCTV Video recovery solution is added;
2, HanBangGaoKe EXT Video recovery solution is added(another new video type);
3, New SmartNVR, Ali Cloud Video recovery solution is added;
4, Added another new TP-LINK video recovery solution;

5, Added over 20 digital camera video recovery solutions, latest powerful camera video fragments collection and restructuring algorithms; Users gain success while other tools don’t support or fail to get good videos;
* Sony Camera
* Canon Camera
* Dji Camera
* Songdian Camera
* Nikon Camera
* Panasonic Camera
* Fujifilm Camera
* Gopro Camera
* Insta360 Camera
* Komery Camera
* Leica Camera
* Olympus Camera
* Vecnos Camera
* Ricoh Camera
* Xinbai Camera
* Sigma Camera
* Hasselblad Camera
* Brinno Camera
* MTS Camera
* AVI Camera

6, Added over 10 different car driving recorder video recovery solutions;
[108] 360 Driving Recorder System
[109] Papago Driving Recorder System
[110] BlackView Driving Recorder System
[111] DDPAI Driving Recorder System
[112] HP Driving Recorder System
[113] JADO Driving Recorder System
[114] XiaoMi Driving Recorder System
[115] Lenovo Driving Recorder System
[116] 70mai Driving Recorder System
[117] PHILIPS Driving Recorder System
[118] MTS Driving Recorder System
[119] AVI Driving Recorder System

7, Optimize digital camera video recovery efficiency for quick and complete video recovery;
8, Optimize car driving recording video recovery efficiency;
9, Added AVI fragmented video file search and restructuring support;

10, New UAV video recovery solution is added;
11, Added Samsung ALW monitoring video fragmented file search and restructuring support;
12, Hongweishijie NVR system is added;
13, Added Wbox DVR system;
14, FocusVision DVR system is added;
15, For UAV, digital cameras, car driving recording videos, MP4, MOV, 3GP, MTS, AVI are supported;
16, Jinlifang DVR system is added;
17, KTSY DVR system is added;
18, more coming…

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Dolphin CCTV DVR Data Recovery Software V3.0 Software Upgrade

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