Happy Client from Ireland on Dolphin DVR

Ireland client: Your tool is great for the Chinese DVR’s – it helps that you are there so you guys are the real experts.

Dolphin Engineer: will be great for all dvr’s, after users receive cases, just let us check we can add all to support.

Ireland client: Great, if we have anything that has not been seen (like this one), we will let you know. It’s great that you are interested in improving your product and we appreciate that.

Thank you for adding support so quickly

Hi, just some feedback on the new support that you added for our CCTV drive – I am happy to advise you that it has processed the drive successfully and all data is recoverable.

Dolphin Engineer: Thank you for your feedback, friend, we will be happy if you recommend us to your friends!

Happy Client from Ireland on Dolphin DVR

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