How to Recover Lost Deleted Videos from DaHua CCTV DVR

How to recover data from CCTV DVR?
What’s the best video recovery software for “Dahua” video surveillance system?
Dahua NVR cameras data recovery software
Dahua CCTV recorders data recovery software

To access Dahua CCTV DVR hard drives or SD cards, users cannot use the traditional common data recovery software. To recover the deleted lost videos from Dahua CCTV DVR, users must use very professional CCTV DVR data recovery software to recover all possible fragmented video files first, rebuild all video files and translate into good ones which can be properly played.

Dahua DVR is one big brand in the video surveillance market and it’s very popular in many countries. Dolphin DVR Pro. supports Dahua CCTV DVR very well with high success rate.

Even for the same Dahua DVR drive, it might be different Dahua video surveillance system:

01: DaHua 0x01 DVR System;
02: DaHua 0x02 DVR System;
03: DaHua 0x03 DVR System.

With Dolphin DVR Pro., users just need three steps to start the high-success-rate video data recovery:

01: Select Dahua DVR drive or image file;
02: Select Dahua DVR brand;
03: Select Fast Analysis or Deep Analysis

If users don’t know the DVR brand, don’t worry, the program detects the DVR brand automatically after selecting the analysis mode.

Next users just need to check the processing bar and log window until all the videos are perfectly recovered.

Users can select which cameras, dates and videos to recover.

Here is the video on how to recover lost deleted videos from Dahua CCTV DVR cameras

How to Recover Lost Deleted Videos from DaHua CCTV DVR

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  1. Hi, I want to buy the 1 week license since I only need to use the software once. Do I need a dongle and pay shipping for this? Thanks

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